Rotary USAID Ghana WASH partnership - Jerusalem, Amenfi Central district


Rotary and USAID have joined forces to tackle the water, sanitation, and hygiene (WASH) crisis because we can achieve more together than alone.

Depending on whether you are a Rotary member, a USAID mission staff, a WASH professional or a member of the public, you can also join our efforts.

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Interested in exploring a partnership possibility?

USAID mission staff and Rotary clubs or districts interested in learning more about how our partnership works and exploring a potential partnership in their country can refer to the following documents:

Interested in supporting a country program?

Rotarians participating in any of the country programs have to raise $200,000 (10% of the $2 million invested by The Rotary Foundation). If you are a Rotary member, your Rotary club or district can help support your fellow Rotarians in a country program reach this goal. Please contact us to find out how.

Other questions? Please contact us.

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